Organisations, workplaces, community groups and families have something important in common:

The quality of relationships are the key to their success. Through my life experience as a conference interpreter, journalist, mediator and community founder (together with other people), it has become clear to me that how we communicate and how we work together is more important than what we do.


My name is Thomas Riedmuller. I offer to work with you individually and as a group. I can devise training sessions and courses for organisations.

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I can contribute to the development of your team so that every team member can reach their full potential, so that everyone feels heard and valued. Workplaces need a climate of care as well as communication that is efficient and successful.

I’m offering to design and facilitate training programmes and meetings for your unique situation in order to:

– Build skills for effective communication and conflict resolution.

 – Resolve issues that might sabotage the progress and well-being of the group and its members.

The emphasis is always on increasing mutual understanding and improving the quality of relationships while building on an appreciation of what is already working well.

Most groups and organisations periodically go through conflicts. Today this is more so than ever. I’m offering to serve as your guide through changes and challenges.



I have found conflict resolution work with Thomas to be of great help to me personally and also to our group.
Thomas is a very skillful facilitator with great knowledge and understanding of his areas of expertise. He is very mindful of group dynamics and can gently yet confidently guide a group into greater awareness of the many issues that can present in a conflict. For me it is exciting to then explore new options of communication I might not have thought of on my own. The combination of awareness and practical new skills has proved invaluable and helps me in all areas of my life to search for simpler and kinder ways to communicate around difficult issues.

Anet Moore, Administrator of ‘Earthsong Camps’


Thomas Riedmuller facilitated a workshop on non violent conflict resolution in our organization in June 2010.

His relaxed style put participants at their ease. Many people found the workshop useful in learning to listen, empathise, see the others point of view and ultimately find a peaceful way to move forward from the everyday conflicts which are part of living and working in a community.

Dr. Ruben Keane

L’Arche Community Cork



I would highly recommend Thomas Riedmuller as a facilitator. He has a very practical, calm and friendly style, obviously loves his work and has a seemingly endless supply of useful information and skills to share.

Since he has been working with us, communication within the group has become clearer and more effective and his flexible and skillful use of ‘role play’ and other Conflict Resolution Tools has enabled us to resolve tricky issues while having fun at the same time. I very much look forward to our yearly training sessions with him.

Rachel Parry, Community Artist and Facilitator


Thomas Riedmuller taught me at Kinsale Further Education College, during my time studying permaculture. He taught me modules on community leadership, conflict resolution and mediation.
Thomas opened up a range of possibilities for me, highlighting the potential of community collaboration, facilitated by effective communication and by building a safe space within the class setting.

His classes deepened my understanding of the dynamics within the complex community relationships which we all witness.

From my time living in the l’Arche community I have encountered many variants of interpersonal conflict. From my experience it exists inevitably within community. Instead of denying the existence of conflict, I feel that by developing effective ways to get to the kernel of conflict can be particularly fruitful for the human experience and ultimately healing for the individual and the community.

Through Thomas’ teaching I gained an appreciation for Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, a method of working with conflicts and moving toward resolution, while maintaining an inclusive non-violent approach. I would highly recommend the skill to others, especially those of us who encounter complex social dynamics within interpersonal relationships.

I have always found Thomas’ presence to be reassuring and to fit well into the lessons of conflict resolution and community mediation. I feel he lives his message of non-violence in all aspects of his life. I can only recommend his teaching skills to others, so as they may benefit from his lessons.

Ulick O’Beirne