Environmental Education – School Tours

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Fun and educational activities – nature awareness, gardening, natural building, food  foraging, orienteering, plant identification, team working, pizza party.

Curriculum links: SESE, SPHE, PE, Art, Music

Choose from the following selection for a visit to The Hollies Centre:

2 activities for a half day 10 – 12:30

3 activities for a full day 10 – 14:30


– 10 €/ student (full day) – min. € 250

– 8 €/student (half day) – min. € 150

– 2 activities + Pizza Party  € 12/child (min. € 320)

To book an activity please contact us  here

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Every activity is designed to be hands-on and fun-filled adventure into the natural world where skills and concepts from the curriculum are developed through active learning.

Students will develop a wide range of skills and  discover science through each activity including “working scientifically, and designing and making”.  (As included in the Primary Curriculum overview.) 

All our activities incorporate the PE strand unit of “Outdoor and adventure activities”.

Further sensory activities and awareness games can be incorporated into each course.   If you have particular strands and strand units that you would like explored on the day please let us know!

Primary School Activities

Junior Cycle:

[Teddy Bear’s Picnic](/schools/teddy-bears-picnic/)

Little green fingers

  • fun activities in the garden

  • learn where food comes from

Muddy Island
create a tiny world to understand sustainability and connections

Senior Cycle:

The secret life of plants

  • how plants function

  • how they relate to their environment

Sensory Nature Walk

Eating wild – food foraging 

Young Ecologist 

  • discovering pond life

  • identifying trees and their uses

  • wildlife studies

  • Shelter Making – walls of mud and straw

For children of all ages:

Orienteering – Reading maps, understanding geography

Exploring Wild Music 

Cooperative Games – learning teamwork playfully

Pizza Party

  • celebrating food

  • baking in a wood-fired clay oven


Secondary School
Curriculum links: Geography, Art, SPHE, Construction Studies, Horticulture

Think globally – Act Locally  … experience practical examples of sustainable living.

Construction Studies … activities and first hand experience of prime examples of building methods that address the challenges of climate change and peak oil.

Geography comes alive … reading the landscape, understanding our environmentand our place in it  in practical and entertaining ways.

The power of team working – practical projects – skills for resolving conflicts

… essential soft skills for tough challenges!