The Hollies Garden Project was started in 2006 with the intention of furthering the aspects of the educational work here at The Hollies. A field that was suitable was allocated and work begun.
Having an interest in permaculture, we used the no-till approach to turn the grass into a bed system; a method which seems to work very well for us. The garden sits on about one acre of land and it contains 2 polytunnels, a cob-greenhouse and a propagation tunnel surrounded by a very productive raised bed system.
A network of graveled paths weaves through the garden, this provides good access for visiting groups and course participants.

One of the main motivational factors for doing what we do here at The Hollies Garden Project, apart from having a year long supply of fresh, healthy and nutritious food, is to create a community resource.
Food sustainability in Ireland in an energy scarce future is something that cannot be ignored. In Ireland, we currently import about 90% of our food. Much of this is fresh food such as fruit and vegetables that are being flown into the country very cheaply creating what is known as a global summertime.

We are hoping to inspire people who are interested in learning how to produce much of their own food and thereby reducing their dependence on the industrial food sytem and supermarkets.
The garden could be considered a living laboratory where the practical skills of soil preparation, sowing, planting and harvesting can be demonstrated.

Growing some of your own food is a joy and it is so rewarding in many different ways. Why not give it a go and see what you can do!