an exciting new cross curricular programme:

Curriculum links: Geography, Art, SPHE, Science, Construction Studies, Horticulture

We will work with you to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

Costings can vary depending on the activities. Typically, for a full day visit of a group of 20-30 young people (+1 or 2 accompanying adults) we would charge € 10 per person, but a minimum of € 250 for the whole group.

The length of time would be between 10 a.m. and 3 or 4 p.m.

cob tarp and our house-eTY Rike patio wall-e

Qualified teachers and very experienced practitioners facilitate learning experiences that complement classroom tuition in a highly relevant way.

DSC_4001 (copy)-eThis cob house was built by a teenager – highly insulated, energy efficient, with environmentally friendly and local materials, beautiful and comfortable – and on a very low budget…the message that young people need to  hear and embrace in times of economic and environmental strain!

Think globally – Act Locally  … experience practical examples of sustainable living.

showing global connections-ewindturbine workshop-e

Construction Studies … activities and first hand experience of prime examples of building methods that address the challenges of climate change and peak oil. Traditional building methods that combine the best of the past and the best of modern standards.


Geography comes alive … reading the landscape, understanding our environment and our place in it  in practical and entertaining ways. Field trips in and immediately around The Hollies allow a practical experience of how glaciers shaped our environment and how we can we can interpret the landscape in a very practical way to find clay, sand, gravel … the key ingredients for building energy efficient, low impact and affordable housing.

Sustainable Agriculture – Permaculture – Organic HorticultureLocal Food


The power of team working – practical projects – skills for resolving conflicts

… essential soft skills for tough challenges – so that teams can function and work gets done! Learning by doing, by reflection and sharing observations on how the work was achieved.