Date: Saturday, 24/5/2018
Time: 10.00am 4.30pm
Cost: €60,  Lunch included

Tutors: Selvi Iyilikci and John Conway

Adding a poly tunnel to your garden extends the growing season and enables a year-
round harvest as well as giving a dry space to do potting up and seed sowing. We will

cover topics such as site selection, soil preparation for spring planting and advice on how
to erect a tunnel. We will learn using the indoor space to grow spring crops such as early
potatoes and carrots as well as summer crops such as tomatoes, basil and peppers. We
will have a look at sowing times, choosing suitable vegetable varieties, the plant’s
growing needs and tunnel maintenance. Another focus will be on creating fertile soil with
the help of composting and using green manures and pest and disease management.

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