9th May; 7th June; 4th October

Cost: € 70, Lunch included

Herbs have been used for promoting health since the dawn of humanity. Our modern society seems to have lost much of the knowledge about those remedies and is pushing us to hand over  the responsibility for our health to the professionals. This course could be a beginning for you in taking care of your and your family’s’ health – while still getting professional help for more serious issues.

Going for a walk through the weeds we will identify common, easy to find plants that are beneficial to our health and safe to use.

On our return we will make simple preparations from infusions, decoctions to creams, medicated oils, tonics and tinctures for your home use. This will enable you to start filling your home medicine cabinet with home made natural products for coughs, colds, digestive problems, skin disorders, fatigue, first aid or simply promoting general health.

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