How the coming energy crisis will affect all subject areas

A ground-breaking new course that helps teachers to develop appropriate responses to Peak Oil – developed by Thomas Riedmuller for Irish Aid and the West Cork Education Centre.

This course has been approved by the Department of Education and can be run at Education Centres or schools across Ireland if a sufficient number of teachers sign up. If you are interested in organising it, please get in touch.

In the near future we shall all see big social change due to a dramatic increase in prices for fossil fuels and other resources that travel long distances, such as food, building and heating materials, health care items, clothes, entertainment articles…in short: we all need to look for new skills, take stock of existing local skills and resources, make new connections in local communities across all divides. New opportunities will open up. The time to make preparations is now.
This course is an introduction to unprecedented challenges. It will open teachers’ minds and helps them to become more resourceful and able to help their students and their communities.

Climate Change & Oil Depletion…a matter of survival

a course to help teachers inspire students with solutions

– a new, exciting module for teaching sustainability
– a positive approach away from doom and gloom
– a variety of practical activities and teaching materials
for the classroom.

The course is experiential and interactive – participants will be guided through
activities they can use with their students.
What teachers said about
Thomas Riedmuller and his work at The Hollies Centre for Practical Sustainability:
“very student centred, excellent facilitation” … ”we learnt a lot about
sustainability and energy”, “great inspiration, a wealth of ideas to follow up”

Target Audience: Post Primary Teachers (particularly Transition Year, Ecology, Geography Teachers)

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