Why Mediation?

– Litigation is often 10 x more costly than mediation. Studies have shown that Mediation can resolve conflicts at a fraction of the cost.
– In situations where there is an on-going relationship between parents, neighbours, or colleagues mediation provides a much more satisfying and sustainable solution.
– Conflicts are an inescapable part of life.
– They can be processed for everybody’s benefit.
– Positive change follows well managed conflict.
– Unhealthy cycles of conflict can be broken by listening carefully to hidden messages in the way conflicts unfold.
– Gaining insights into the way we communicate (or fail to communicate) will benefit your life and that of your family.
– Conflicts are opportunities for learning more about ourselves and each other. Conflict Resolution sessions can guide you in your learning process.

## The Mediation Process defined:

– is a voluntary process for disputants wishing to resolve their conflict. It is geared towards finding common ground and workable agreements for seemingly insoluable problems.
– The Mediator is a neutral guide who provides equal support to all parties of a conflict. He listens to all disputants in turn, identifies issues and helps them find solutions.
– The aim of a mediation session is to reach agreement about one or several issues and to establish a process of implementing them.
– Mediation as a way of resolving disputes has been proven over many years to be successful and very beneficial for couples, families and neighbourhoods.

Thomas Riedmuller is offering mediation for couples and families and conflict facilitation for community groups and organisations.
He is originally from Germany where he worked as a conference interpreter (Spanish, French, English, German) and journalist. He completed professional conflict facilitation training in Findhorn, Scotland based on process oriented psychology as well as Worldwork training with Arnold Mindell. He has worked as a family and community mediator and conflict resolution educator in Ireland since 2001 and joined the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland in 2011. He works with families, community groups and organisations mainly in Cork but also all over Ireland. Thomas has particular interest and skills in large group conflict resolution processes and working in multicultural settings.