Family Mediation is for couples (married or co-habiting) who wish to separate or to divorce.

It is also useful in situations of family conflict, for instance between a parent and child or between siblings.

Thomas Riedmuller offers support to all parties involved in difficult and stressful times to enable you to negotiate and prepare important decision.

For many couples with children, parenting is often the most important issue.

Arrangements around finance, maintenance, and property are equally important.

In a first session Thomas will help you  create an agenda for working through all important issues. The mediation process can take between 5 and 8 sessions depending on the complexity of the issues.

During the mediation process all legal proceedings are suspended. However, you are free to consult with your solicitor during the process and are advised to bring the mediated agreement to your solicitor before signing. Equally you can consult with outside experts regarding pensions, property or other matters.

The finished mediated agreement can be used by solicitors to draft a Deed of Separation/Divorce with relatively little further work or cost.

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