A series of events at The Hollies Centre for Sustainability to help you tune into the healing power of nature.

1st February(Saturday) 5-8 pm Imbolc
2nd May(Saturday) 7:30-10 pm Bealtaine
1st August (Saturday) Lughnasa
1st November (Saturday) 4-7 pm Samhain
These celtic ‘quarter days’ carry a particular energy in the natural rhythm of the year and offer specific opportunities for feeling connected.

Cost: € 15 per event

More opportunities for walking our labyrinth will be offered for special events that can be booked by e-mailing us info (at) thehollie.ie or by phone 023 8847001

Enjoy our new labyrinth as a tool for bringing about positive change in your life; connect with nature, with yourself and others, assisted by skilful facilitators in the beautiful setting of The Hollies Centre for Sustainability.

Explore how rhythms in nature affect us and how we can benefit by living in tune with them. When we interact consciously with other beings in nature, they respond to us. The magic occurs when we notice and engage.

Labyrinths have been used as a tool for mediation and personal development for many centuries. The oldest known ones are over 2000 years old, the one in the cathedral of Chartres dates back to the early 13th century, when a journey to the labyrinth was considered a pilgrimage.
A labyrinth is a geometrical symbol with a single path leading to a centre point. It is not a maze because there is only one path. Its unique pattern is designed to shift awareness from left brain to right brain as you walk, inducing altered states of consciousness. It allows those who enter to experience other ways of “seeing.”
In a most basic sense, the labyrinth represents the spiritual journey; that of venturing to the centre of your innermost being and then returning to the world with a broader sense of who you are. It is a metaphor for life’s journey.

Modern research suggests that walking a labyrinth has a beneficial effect on brain function and overall health as well as providing a focus for individual and group meditation.

Our intention with this series of events is to offer opportunities for the wider public to celebrate the seasons and other rhythms in nature along with experiences of sustainable living, incl. wholesome food, animal assisted learning, and natural building.