Next opportunity to get on this course is from Monday 7th October to 9th December 2019. More information here or for bookings contact UCC Centre for Adult Continuing Education, 021 4904717 or email: [email protected].
If you want to run this course in your own organisation please contact us.

This course has been run once a year since 2002 at UCC Centre for Adult Continuing Education as a 10 week evening class and at Ballincollig Community College. It has been specifically designed for members and leaders of community groups, youth groups, school management boards, development associations. Feedback from HR staff and professionals in other management positions has also been excellent.
This course can also be delivered in a series of 2 weekends (Sa/Sun) or 4 Saturdays.
It will teach you how to

– Make meetings more efficient and
– Increase participation, inclusion and
enthusiasm in your group
– Reduce frictions and build
– Gain confidence in your leadership
– Avoid burnout.

Sessions follow an experiential and interactive format which the participants can use in their own groups.
The way the course is taught models all the skills which are part of the course contents.
Participants have opportunities for presenting case studies to maximise the practical relevance of this course.

Topics include:
Active Listening – Basic Agreements – Effective Feedback – ‘I’-Statements – Rank Awareness – Non-Violent Communication – Roles in groups – Leadership and Facilitation – Exploring motivations to lead – Finding balance – Consensus and other Decision Making Techniques – Proposals, Agendas and other tricky details – Facilitating Open Discussions – Alternatives to Open Discussion – How to deal with ‘difficult individuals’ – Mediation – Negotiation – Arbitration – Integrating diverse points of view – Building shared frameworks of understanding – Processing ‘emotional allergies’ – Evaluation and Implementation

What participants said about this course:

‘I found that the strategies and suggestions we discussed have helped me to communicate better, both at work and in my voluntary community commitments. I would highly recommend Thomas’ course to anyone who wishes to improve their personal or public communication style, or anyone who wishes to become a more effective group leader’ Anna Ridgeway, B.A., M.Ed., PhD, HDE, Adv.Dip.Mont.Educ.

‘Thomas Riedmuller is clearly a gifted teacher and communicator. His lectures are highly organised. I believe he is making a major contribution to community development in the Cork area and that his teachings should form an essential module in all second level civics programmes.’ Tony Power B.A., HDE, D.Cat., Dip.Philos.

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