A day of re charging by connecting to our
plants, animals, wilderness and yourself

Date: 17/8/19

Time: 10.00-16.30

Cost €60, Lunch included

Tutor: Selvi Iyilikci

On this day we will kick back and relax with the help of our wonderful
surroundings and animal we share the space with here at The Hollies. The
idea is that we engage in a mixture of mindful activities to get us centered
and grounded as well as more active mini workshops in which we pick up
some skills in a safe and fun way, such as organic gardening, animal
husbandry on a small holding and horse assisted learning.
The journey of
the day will keep us to hold still from time to time, using relaxation
techniques with the help of horses, the sounds of nature and the
observation of plants. We will forage and pick fresh vegetables and herbs,
which we will use to prepare lunch together.